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Shame on you Mr. Obama, bravo Mr. Putin

For more than eight years, I have cheered Mr. Obama because he has done some really great things – not just in the US but globally. But now, with one foot out the door, he has chosen to fall from grace. He could have gone out with an admirable legacy and would have been forever […]

Earning our right to vote

People pass exams to practice medicine or law or even professionally repair house-wiring. We also need to pass exams to drive a vehicle, protect & serve or get a decent job. But when it comes to one of the most important decisions we ever have to make in a democracy – to elect our representative […]

To be tried as an adult

The judiciary of our country seems unconcerned at the helm. Indifference to the core values of humanity has rendered them incapable of empathy towards the billion plus they are entrusted to help create a better India for. Our nation is undergoing a crisis of democracy in a time when we need our way of life […]

A cleaner Diwali

We had gone to Ahmedabad this year for Diwali to visit my parents. And after a gap of almost five years, my brother came down from Kuala Lumpur to celebrate with us. This year, whether we had celebrated here in Bhopal or anywhere else, my elder daughter insisted that there be no fire-crackers or fire-works. […]

Independence by vote? Seriously?

India was bled dry for our independence, economically and literally. Tomorrow Scotland will VOTE for independence – and that’s it; they will get their way if their majority so chooses. What happened in India? Why did WE have to win our independence after millions were killed, imprisoned or tortured for the sake of our freedom? […]