Evil Cholesterol

Many members in my family are core medical researchers and as such it is often dangerous to start any medically inclined conversation among us. The gloves come off and fangs are bared without regard to our common genetic pool. We love to disagree, often for its own sake. The thing about medical research is that […]

Cake of fruit

My parents had dropped by from Ahmedabad for a three day visit. And I think I missed an entry or two since I was busy with them. My dad had decided to make a cake while he was here. A cake of fruit ! I think that may require some explanation. He is off carbs […]

Sick baby

For the last two days my two year old daughter, Anya, the younger one, has been ill. She’s had high fever and has been crying a lot pointing to her mouth. Since its time for her molars to come out, we assumed that it was just that. Many times babies get fever when they are […]

Scaredy cat

I have a tendency to worry. The times are bad, not just for me, they are bad for everyone. But I make them worse by worrying about things which never happen most of the time. All I end up doing with that is taint the good times that I do have. It’s a snowball with […]

Running man

Anyone who knows me knows my strong aversion to any form of exercise. This includes anything other than the usual muscle flexing required for daily movements around my microcosm. And I know I am not getting any younger. I keep making promises to myself but keep failing miserably at sticking to them. My heart is […]