Spiking Cholesterol levels

There’s a lot of new research indicating that everyone except middle-aged men with cardiovascular disease seem to do better with higher cholesterol levels. My recent blood profile last week showed a spike in my total and LDL levels for cholesterol. I couldn’t figure out where I was screwing up – I mean, I am eating […]

New switchboard

The wiring around my table is a sheer nightmare. There is a web of cables and peripherals that is impossible to clean let alone service when problems crop up. And with these tens of wires knotting around each other, things break down on a weekly basis. I’ve brought electricians over for getting a permanent solution […]

Dead of winters

Tonight is the coldest night of this winter. The meter reads at 19.8 degree Celsius in this room. I realize that some of you may not find that cold at all but for us here in Bhopal, this is pretty cold. We aren’t really used to temperatures this low. And I am not used to […]


Today is Karvachauth and like so many others, Swati has also kept a fast. No food, no water from 4 a.m. last night till the moon comes out tonight, about 17 hours. This is in addition to the myriad prayers and rituals which must be performed throughout the day. All this for me, her husband […]

Diablo rules

I love the few precious hours I get to spend with my daughters each day. These days this time seems to be getting less and less. Especially with the elder one, now eight years old. She has her homework to finish by the time I get home each day and after that she packs her […]

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