To be tried as an adult

The judiciary of our country seems unconcerned at the helm. Indifference to the core values of humanity has rendered them incapable of empathy towards the billion plus they are entrusted to help create a better India for. Our nation is undergoing a crisis of democracy in a time when we need our way of life […]

Writing tools

Up till a year back or so, most of the tools for writers available on the internet were offline installers. You went to their website, checked out the product and if it looked useful, you could download a trial version and take it for a spin on your system. Majority were time limited shareware; they […]

Our friend Mr. Google

Google is our friend – so the saying goes. In my own experience of writing I found free Google services far better than their paid counterparts, including the offline professional ones and the emerging plethora of online subscription services for dictionary and thesaurus. Just type in ‘synonym’ or ‘definition’ followed by the word in standard […]

What makes online bestsellers?

Before I begin, I want to stress that I am no authority on bestsellers. Not by far. I haven’t had much success with traditional publishing and its only been a few days since I’ve put up my first book on Amazon. But it has been an experience. After uploading my book, I’ve been surfing (read […]

Popular fiction still reflects life

Have you noticed that in recent times, almost every successful movie is about ground-breaking special effects? There are hardly any new movies celebrating ordinary life, not the popular ones at least. Majority of recent movies are about superheroes or survival in a post-apocalyptic world. I read somewhere, I think this was in reference to a […]