MSWord 2003 for writers

My absolute favorite writing program is Microsoft Word (MSWord) 2003. I have never found a better alternative and believe me, I’ve looked. It has everything a serious writer, especially a fiction writer, could possibly need. Nothing more and definitely, nothing less. Yes, it came out thirteen years ago and many versions have come since but […]

yWriter for writing novels

Another wonderful writing software is yWriter. I have been using it to outline long manuscripts for years. yWriter has been around long before Scrivener became available for Windows and has a devoted base of dedicated users who are perfectly happy with it. Perhaps the biggest advantage of yWriter is that it’s free. That does not […]

For the joy of typing

Very few writers actually write longhand anymore. Oh, they may take notes using pen and paper or jot down a few reminders or ideas but when it comes to actually doing manuscript work, a keyboard is the preferred way to go. The big-shots almost always use a desktop while lesser mortals use laptops for churning […]

Old school bytes

The first computer I owned was a Sinclair Z-80 (with whole 16 kB RAM) when I was in school. I probably still have its petrified remains in a cardboard box somewhere in the house with other junk I can’t bring myself to chuck away or bother to access in my last three decades. Somewhere down […]

New Winamp & SHOUTcast radio

Okay, so I’m a little late on this one. Somehow I assumed everyone’s probably found out about it. But when the topic actually came up in conversations I realized that people have been having so many problems with Shoutcast radio for such a long time that they’ve given it up and have not tried it […]

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