These are my personal views and mine alone. You may not agree with me and that’s okay. That’s your right. No hard feelings. If you feel strongly about something I’ve written down, jot a note in the comments and I will seriously take a look at it. I don’t claim to be right or even close to the truth.

Also keep in mind that sometimes I can change my mind about things and issues I’ve written. My blogs are based on my opinion at a certain time and in a certain frame of mind, I may see things later in a new light and completely reverse my previous statements. I reserve my right to expand my horizons, evolve my mind through upgrades of opinions, thoughts and knowledge. So I may choose to exercise my right to change my opinions, thoughts and knowledge without assigning any reason.

In my blog, you may find links to other sites or blogs which are owned and operated by third parties. I have no control over them. I have included them only to save you time and efforts in hunting down the specific information or opinion. I am not responsible for them, their content or their services/products.The views expressed in the comments belong to those who wrote them. There’s usually some contact info or link included there in the title. You are welcome to use it and go direct to the source.

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