Spiking Cholesterol levels

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There's a lot of new research indicating that everyone except middle-aged men with cardiovascular disease seem to do better with higher cholesterol levels. My recent blood profile last week showed a spike in my total and LDL levels for cholesterol. I … [Continue reading]

yWriter for writing novels

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Another wonderful writing software is yWriter. I have been using it to outline long manuscripts for years. yWriter has been around long before Scrivener became available for Windows and has a devoted base of dedicated users who are perfectly happy … [Continue reading]

Earning our right to vote

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People pass exams to practice medicine or law or even professionally repair house-wiring. We also need to pass exams to drive a vehicle, protect & serve or get a decent job. But when it comes to one of the most important decisions we ever have to … [Continue reading]

To be tried as an adult

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The judiciary of our country seems unconcerned at the helm. Indifference to the core values of humanity has rendered them incapable of empathy towards the billion plus they are entrusted to help create a better India for. Our nation is undergoing a … [Continue reading]

For the joy of typing

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Very few writers actually write longhand anymore. Oh, they may take notes using pen and paper or jot down a few reminders or ideas but when it comes to actually doing manuscript work, a keyboard is the preferred way to go. The big-shots almost always … [Continue reading]