…Pro-choice, pro-life

Pro-choice is the future. Imagine women a thousand years back, then women a hundred years back and women today. We can easily extrapolate that future will belong to pro-choice. If we choose to think otherwise, we are just blinding ourselves by a misunderstood faith.
Either we choose to move with the time or we get left behind. This isn’t just about religion, its about humanity. The rights of a fetus are important but the rights of the woman are more important. It is still open to debate whether a fetus will always survive or not; and if it does, for how long and under what condition. But that is not so with the woman, there are no ambiguities about her survival, she’s already made it this far.
Things like pro-choice, stem cell research, cloning are here to stay. Knowledge is a one way street. We cannot undo the science. If not us then someone else will do it. Eventually the governments (and their people) will realize the medical losses and allow it. If they won’t then they’ll just be importing the organs. If a person’s life or health depends on a transplant and he can afford it, he will get it done. Those who can afford them will live and those who can’t will die. Or the dying will just go where it is allowed and get it done. Its that simple.
The only alternate is to develop them on our own and provide them to everyone who needs them.
I’ve read many confused souls in religious forums quoting scriptures left, right and center. Its a good read but those who believe in endless recites of words on paper have faith worth only the paper it is printed on. Its called blind faith. I don’t think we can bind God with a book any more than we can learn swimming by reading about it. We have to live it. If we do manage to impress others like ourselves by our deep knowledge of religion it doesn’t amount to much in itself, does it?
I believe in a living God, not in one which stopped growing years ago. By definition a living God must change over time otherwise He is just a statue though even statues change over a long enough time. He must be observing what has happened to the world and the human race over time and I am sure he has responded to that change in some way, however small or big. And He has changed because of it.
It cannot be both His will as well as our free will. Either everything is pre-ordained or the choices we make govern our lives to a significant extent. I for one, believe in free will. That also means that not all bad things are His fault and it implies that He is happy with some things and not so happy with some others. And that’s ok, we may have been made in His image but we are not Him.
There are some things God trusts us with and some things He does not. Things like gravity, a hot stove, birth and death. He does not give us any choice about these because He knows we can’t sensibly handle them. But in many other things He has given us a choice because He knows that there may be differences in circumstances and a single, at times, possibly forced outcome is not always the best. If He did not trust us with these, He would not have given us the choice to begin with.

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