Shame on you Mr. Obama, bravo Mr. Putin

For more than eight years, I have cheered Mr. Obama because he has done some really great things – not just in the US but globally. But now, with one foot out the door, he has chosen to fall from grace. He could have gone out with an admirable legacy and would have been forever remembered a hero. Instead, he threw it all away for a woman. An incompetent one whose only claim to fame is that her husband cheated on her while he was in a public office.

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Mr. Putin did not put Donald Trump in office, Hillary Clinton did. It was her arrogance throughout her campaign, her smug grin, her condescending attitude which the public picked up on and chose to vote against her. I saw her strutting on the stage night after night already claiming her presidency long before the ballots were even cast. She was so sure of her victory and intelligence that she didn’t even bother to hide her over-confidence.
America is the most powerful country in the world. People around the world are affected by what happens in the US. And Americans do have a habit of promoting their agendas throughout the world. Nothing wrong with that. It’s one of the primary benefits of power. Besides, no country can be an island in today’s world. If someone in my neighborhood is stronger and more affluent than me, I will pay attention to what he does. Especially if the more formidable habitually passes judgments affecting everyone’s future.


And the world watched as Obama desperately tried to find a scapegoat for his team’s debacle in the presidential elections. He knew Hillary and her past of shunning responsibilities but chose to let her drag the whole democratic party into shame. Perhaps he thought her gender was enough to let her win the election. Instead a political rookie came out of nowhere and walked away with the presidency.
Since Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to have the guts anymore to blame the real culprit (after all, how could the first African American President blame the first woman wannabe and still keep his dwindling ratings), he has blamed America’s favorite adversary. He is now trying to kill two birds with one stone. Blame political losses on external forces so it’s not ‘his’ fault and make sure American defense budgets continue to enjoy inflated funding against an even greater threat now – ‘Wag the Dog’ anyone?
As an outsider in context, it’s easier for me to see things from a more unbiased view point. Mr. Obama has destroyed his legacy with a daft fantasy at the end of his tenure. Or maybe he decided to listen to an organization which works for its own agenda, not always in the best interests of America and certainly not in the best interests of humanity. Obama has never listened to the CIA before, why the sudden shift? Was it easy to endorse a fabrication so he could cover-up his own failure? And by the way, what was this CIA actually doing when Russians were supposedly hacking democratic servers? Isn’t CIA the best intelligence agency in the world and wasn’t protecting continental US stuff from external threats a priority for them? So who is to blame here even if the hacking was true? The intruder or the security service on duty?
Perhaps Mr. Obama should not have mocked Trump at the white house press dinner. Then Trump would have continued to manage his billions and democrats could have tried more successfully to put a woman in the White House. But it is inspiring to see what a motivated man can do to avenge his honor against not only the most powerful man in the world but also against petty smear campaigns by the media and discrimination by his own party members. Now Obama faces all his hard work and accomplishments being wiped out with a stroke of Trump’s pen. And for what its worth, I think Donald Trump would make a great American President. It is the successor who writes history and I can see Obama’s fiasco etched in stone for all posterity. Look at what a politically powerless Trump single-handedly did to the entire American political establishment in less than a year – four years of actual power is more than enough for him to rewrite history as he sees fit.
And Mr. Putin, Bravo!! You have my deepest regards and good-will for not stooping to the level of a whiner grasping at straws. Your humility and restraint have suddenly brought the most powerful man in the world down to the level of a banana brat. You have taken the high road and future generations will recognize the strength and courage it took to stand your ground amid this storm without surrendering your dignity. Thank you Sir.


  1. Dirk Christoph says

    I agree. This whole issue has become a joke now. Democrats can’t accept that a unknown business man wiped them out. Legally.
    keep it up.

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