National Insurance Company of India – broken and useless

National Insurance Company online payment no longer works. And no one cares.

Monsoon flora fauna

Apparently the theme that I’ve set up for this blog works better if I have a few pictures speckled across the entry adding color and space to an otherwise black and white reflection. But since I am not a professional photographer the photos I take often have no relation to the blog entries I make […]

Hot Bhopal

Bhopal has crossed 40 degrees in April. I know that shouldn’t come as a surprise but I shudder to think how high the mercury will shoot in May and June. With the rains still three months, or more, away, nothing but scorched earth will be left by the time the monsoons get here. Even with […]

Get together

We had a family get together last week. My brother came from Kuala Lumpur and my parents came down from Ahmedabad. The last time all of us came together was four years back when my younger daughter was born. Four years is a long time and this reunion was long overdue. A lot has changed […]

Upgrading roads

Today I went to buy some tires for the car. The old ones were nearing the end of their lives and with the monsoon approaching, I thought it best not to take chances with the mud on the roads. But it seems that this is the wrong time to buy tires here because everyone buys […]

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