Childbirth pains and future

Human beings are perhaps the only species where normal childbirth is intensely painful for the women. This acute pain is rated amongst the highest a human being can experience and still live. Religious stories aside, why are we, the most intelligent of all other species sharing our world, singled out for this lamentable reality? Scientists […]

Racial memories

The reason majority of our monsters are reptilian with horned tails and heads could well be because that is what we remember as our greatest threat up on our evolutionary tree when we were rats or close thereby. At that time our most common enemies were reptiles nearly the same size as us or bigger. […]

God and the watch

For me the question of whether God exists or not does not arise. I know He exists but I can no more prove it mathematically than I can prove what and how I feel. But that doesn’t and should not stop people from trying. Its silly really, if you think about it, such a big […]

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