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Fantasy 101

I’ve always been a Tolkien fan. I have not read any other books as many times as I have read his trilogy. I even tolerated Christopher Tolkien just because he is JRR’s son and I believed that the apple should not have fallen too far from the tree. In between I finished the thirty odd […]


Today is Karvachauth and like so many others, Swati has also kept a fast. No food, no water from 4 a.m. last night till the moon comes out tonight, about 17 hours. This is in addition to the myriad prayers and rituals which must be performed throughout the day. All this for me, her husband […]

I wonder

Sometimes I wonder what its all about. Especially during times of despair or confusion. If you were to ask me on the road whether I am religious or not, I would reply that I am deeply religious but what that means I’m not too sure about. I would not be able to answer why. I […]

Laptop webcam

I bought a webcam yesterday for my laptop. The kind with the auto-tracking and LED lighting. I really don’t have any use for the auto-tracking feature since I don’t move around much while working but I needed the lighting. That’s the main reason I couldn’t use my desktop webcam to chat with friends and family. I […]

Boring work

One of the reasons I like my work is that compared to other professions, boredom through repetition is rare. I get bored easily and when I get bored, I get clumsy and messy. But this time before the Hindu new year is a time of boredom. Many clients come to me to get their new […]

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