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Dead of winters

Tonight is the coldest night of this winter. The meter reads at 19.8 degree Celsius in this room. I realize that some of you may not find that cold at all but for us here in Bhopal, this is pretty cold. We aren’t really used to temperatures this low. And I am not used to […]

Then and now

Looks like I’ve missed a post or two here. Its been a busy week with work piled up to my neck. Both the kids had their annual day functions last weekend and more than a week was spend in preparations. From the uniforms to the dresses and practicing for the skits, the entire week flew […]

Fish tank

I think I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that we have a small fish-tank out side. Since its out in the open, the fishes are pretty much on their own against the onslaughts of nature. But I figured that since these are just regular fishes from one of our seven lakes, they should […]

Christmas wish

Somewhere down the line we let ourselves get sidetracked. Things started off pretty well, they even managed to look good for a while longer but then, as always, our frailties took over. We coveted, we plotted and we purloined. Pandora had managed to unleash seven vague diableries, we managed to multiply that another seventy fold […]

The net

I seem to be a net addict. I don’t mean in the amount of time I spend online but my dependency on online information. Even something as simple as getting up and taking dictionary off the bookshelf to find the meaning of a particular word or phrase. Its just easier to press the “e” on […]

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