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Kaspersky at Yuva Yantra

After I wrote my last entry, I was reminded that an anti-virus is the one software that must be kept current at all times. I agree. And in my opinion, the best anti-virus out there is the Kaspersky Anti Virus, currently in version 2009. Founded in 1997 in Moscow, Russia, Kaspersky Lab has emerged as […]

Is newer always better?

I don’t think so. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t asks me whether he should migrate to the newer version of a software recently launched. My reply is almost always the same – if you can’t do something with the older version, what makes you think you can do it with the newer? […]

Bhopal Mela

Yesterday we had all gone to the annual Bhopal Mela. For the uninitiated, a Mela, is a carnival and every year around this time the local administration allocates a large ground to vendors and hawkers for a month. The fair has plenty of rides and toys for the kids, tones of shops selling everything from […]

How much is enough?

How much is enough? Money, affection, power? When should a person lean back and exclaim that now there is enough? The lines between sufficient and excess are so blurred that they can no longer define either amount. So we keep sloughing and we keep hoping for more and then some more after that. Why? Most […]

Silly facts

How can you live without knowing these things? Some may not be true but at least they sound funny.  The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. Coca-Cola was originally green. It is […]

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