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Hot Bhopal

Bhopal has crossed 40 degrees in April. I know that shouldn’t come as a surprise but I shudder to think how high the mercury will shoot in May and June. With the rains still three months, or more, away, nothing but scorched earth will be left by the time the monsoons get here. Even with […]

NCC Camp at Pachmarhi

My elder daughter’s NCC battalion will be going to Pachmarhi this summer. Pachmarhi is a remote hill-station less than two hundred kilometres east from Bhopal by road. Its one of the closest weekend getaways from here and its common to see hoards of Bhopalis enjoying a few days off from the blistering heat of the […]

I got hacked…

A week ago someone hacked into my blog server and replaced my entries with static pages containing links leading to some very malicious sites. Needless to say that within hours most search engines had black-listed Lapsus Calami and had refused access. Even my own Kaspersky flashed a big warning block in bright red colors every […]

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