Archives for August 2014

New Winamp & SHOUTcast radio

Okay, so I’m a little late on this one. Somehow I assumed everyone’s probably found out about it. But when the topic actually came up in conversations I realized that people have been having so many problems with Shoutcast radio for such a long time that they’ve given it up and have not tried it […]

How much would I change?

If I was given do-over, how much of myself would I change? I would likely change my habit of procrastination first. It is one habit I’ve paid most dearly for throughout my life. I don’t often have major problems in getting work done but my procrastination is responsible for lower finishing standards and self-inflicted damage […]

Rakhis in the digital age

My only sister lives in New Jersey and she has two sons. Come Rakhi time, my daughters send Rakhis to their brothers in US and my sister sends her Rakhi to me. Unfortunately our postal system manages to misplace both sets of Rakhis each and every time. Never, in all the years of exchanging Rakhis […]

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