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Prince of Persia adventures

This was the post I was supposed to write two posts ago when I deviated with digital gaming down the years of my life. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Prince of Persia when it came out. I was in college at the time with a computer that finally had a hard disk. The […]

Independence by vote? Seriously?

India was bled dry for our independence, economically and literally. Tomorrow Scotland will VOTE for independence – and that’s it; they will get their way if their majority so chooses. What happened in India? Why did WE have to win our independence after millions were killed, imprisoned or tortured for the sake of our freedom? […]

Old school bytes

The first computer I owned was a Sinclair Z-80 (with whole 16 kB RAM) when I was in school. I probably still have its petrified remains in a cardboard box somewhere in the house with other junk I can’t bring myself to chuck away or bother to access in my last three decades. Somewhere down […]

Global Warming – too cold or too hot

We’re surrounded by so much rubbish about what exactly global warming is. You find there are almost as many beliefs about its actual nature as those with strong opinions. For me, I don’t know but it is disturbing. I have no problem in believing, as a lot of the forefront scientists claim, that earth has […]

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