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Scrivener for Windows

The most popular software for fiction writing is Microsoft Word and I’m just another member of the rat race who uses it for most of my primary writing. So why am I writing entries about writing software? Because frequently I get stuck and need a change to kick me out of writer’s block or whatever […]

Writing tools

Up till a year back or so, most of the tools for writers available on the internet were offline installers. You went to their website, checked out the product and if it looked useful, you could download a trial version and take it for a spin on your system. Majority were time limited shareware; they […]

Our friend Mr. Google

Google is our friend – so the saying goes. In my own experience of writing I found free Google services far better than their paid counterparts, including the offline professional ones and the emerging plethora of online subscription services for dictionary and thesaurus. Just type in ‘synonym’ or ‘definition’ followed by the word in standard […]

What makes online bestsellers?

Before I begin, I want to stress that I am no authority on bestsellers. Not by far. I haven’t had much success with traditional publishing and its only been a few days since I’ve put up my first book on Amazon. But it has been an experience. After uploading my book, I’ve been surfing (read […]

The Trojan Agenda, a novel

A disgraced soldier. A brilliant engineer. A secret plan to start a nuclear war. How easy would it be to manipulate the media to start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? What would happen if all modern communication, from cell phones and television to modems connecting to the internet, stopped working across south Asia? […]

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