The BBC – Blatantly Biased Cretins

The British pride themselves on the impartiality of their archaic mouthpiece – the british broadcasting corporation. The truth is the exact opposite. Because like quite a few from its land of birth, it’s pompous, arrogant and too full of itself.

They cannot seem to forget that in a not too distant past, we Indians kicked them out of our country without weapons or violence. Their military might crushed by a humble “fakir” with a walking stick wearing nothing but a loin cloth. Today Indian economy and ingenuity has eclipsed the sun-never-sets drivel. Other than shameless attempts to re-glorify past exploits, mainly genocides and racial suppression, the British have nothing to offer towards a better future of our world. They no longer have globally viable manufacturing, infrastructure or innovative prowess – they don’t even have enough land left to qualify as a state let alone a nation. The only claim to fame the British have now is reflected glory they leach off of the US by trumpeting camaraderie through their common ancestry. Like a bullying spoiled cub lost in misconceptions of its own grandeur while the lioness hovers nearby scaring off predators. And they are petty.

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And much like our opposition parties, anything done in favor of the Indian majority is vehemently opposed and maligned by the BBC and their handlers as inhuman, undemocratic and a suppression of the minorities. It is convenient in their own country however, where democracy almost exclusively means the will of the majority (often based on race and religion) and it is expediently enforced as such. Interestingly for them this democracy almost always means gratification of only minorities for India.

Today when there is finally one India, one law, guess who is happy? Obviously, the Indian majority are happy – we are ecstatic. One nation at last. US has clearly said they don’t really care. It’s India’s internal matter. China has said nearly the same. So has Russia, France and UAE. And now guess who is NOT happy? Our opposition parties – no surprises there; Pakistan – totally understandable and – drum roll please – the BBC. Except for a perfunctory ten second clip of the celebrations – to feign impartiality – BBC is almost exclusively covering a small groups of terrorist sympathizers and Pakistanis crying foul.

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None of them complain when India gives them billions in aid from the hard earned taxes of citizens around the rest of the country. Those locals have become so used to begging that they demand charity as their birthright, threatening to side with Pakistan if the freebies don’t perpetually increase. Now they have to compete with everyone else and actually earn what they want to keep, suddenly it has become suppression of the minorities.

Only recently have the Indians been exposed to the astounding levels of betrayal and deceit some of our founding fathers inflicted on us after independence. The treachery seeped so deep that its almost like we have to fight for independence once again. This time from the disloyalty of traitors we once hailed as liberators.

For the BBC and its handlers – who control the funding and thereby its policies – its sour grapes. If it was about race, it’d be easy. If it was about religion, fine, I guess I’d concede each to his own. This is petty and niggling because the BBC can do nothing else to belittle the efforts of our people.

If there are two parallel lines of the same length and I want to make one smaller, there are two ways to do it. Either I can work and add more on one line so its size is increased or I can erase part of the other one to make it smaller. The second one is much easier and this is exactly what the BBC has chosen to do with the current Indian situation about Kashmir.

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