Cake of fruit

My parents had dropped by from Ahmedabad for a three day visit. And I think I missed an entry or two since I was busy with them. My dad had decided to make a cake while he was here. A cake of fruit ! I think that may require some explanation. He is off carbs for a while because of his heart and my mother is pre-diabetic though she does not need to taken any regular medicines yet. And they avoid outside food for the same reason. But since they did want to celebrate, my dad decided to make a cake made of fruit.

He slogged on it for hours on end – cutting, peeling, seeding the fruits he was going to use for it. I think the result was better than we all had thought and so was the taste. And yes, I am attaching a picture of it when I get finished typing this. You can see the amount of effort that went into making it. To be honest, I would never find the patience to do this. I would have just eaten the fruit normally and then moved on. But he persevered and hung on to his idea with whatever was available here. He did manage to cut his finger on in the process but he continued till the job was done after putting on a band-aid.

It looked so good that we didn’t want to cut it and destroy the layout he had created painstakingly. And it was multilayer mounted on different size plates with the papaya itself raising to the added height another level.

I am not a fruit fanatic, matter of fact I tend to avoid fruit all together. Having said that, even I found it difficult to refuse the explosions of taste and texture in my mouth. It was awesome. More so for my family since everyone else here loves fruit. They had a field day. But I suppose the health benefits of such a treat are undeniable and my father agreed. At their home in Ahmedabad, they often skip the evening meal and just eat fruit for dinner. And since they have been doing it for a while their renewed health testifies to the benefits. He did say that adding any kind of dressing and artificial garnish on fruits just destroys the goodness that you would otherwise get; just eating plain fruit is the best deal. Now I think I may actually change my eating habits a bit and take just fruits for a meal every once in a while. My wife and kids are all for the idea. It’s a good choice.

We do eat only fruits during fasts but its not the same as this. This actually made me feel more refreshed and energetic than after the usual meals I take. The obligatory coffee also wasn’t needed after this meal, my body didn’t demand it to keep my eyes open. I guess that alone should tell me something. So thanks dad, it was great.

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