National Insurance Company of India – broken and useless

National Insurance Company online payment no longer works. And no one cares.

The BBC – Blatantly Biased Cretins

BBC seems hell bent on maligning India with biased coverage of news

Why so much domestic terrorism?

The hatred we see growing all around us is coming from the food we eat.

Shame on you Mr. Obama, bravo Mr. Putin

For more than eight years, I have cheered Mr. Obama because he has done some really great things – not just in the US but globally. But now, with one foot out the door, he has chosen to fall from grace. He could have gone out with an admirable legacy and would have been forever […]

Earning our right to vote

People pass exams to practice medicine or law or even professionally repair house-wiring. We also need to pass exams to drive a vehicle, protect & serve or get a decent job. But when it comes to one of the most important decisions we ever have to make in a democracy – to elect our representative […]

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