Passing through hometown

Rains had stopped and a full moon floated above a cleansed horizon by the time his train rolled out through familiar outskirts. He desperately wanted to get off and visit his childhood home, maybe meet up with some of the kids he went to school with – he knew many still lived in the old […]

The Trojan Agenda, a novel

A disgraced soldier. A brilliant engineer. A secret plan to start a nuclear war. How easy would it be to manipulate the media to start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? What would happen if all modern communication, from cell phones and television to modems connecting to the internet, stopped working across south Asia? […]

Revenge, excerpt

He was walking along the shore of an ancient lake, the Sananay Samudra. The shoreline looked familiar but his vison glazed over unfocussed as if through fine silk. It was about forty miles from this temple and he had visited it several times. For some reason the ancient texts forming the backbone of his official […]

The Trojan Agenda, excerpt

Gun shots crackled in the darkness. But the sound did not get very far in the pouring rain. Night fell all around him as the heavens wept. Waves of torrents rushed from the sky to soak the earth. His vision blurred by water, Avinash ran across the open field crisscrossing his steps to prove as […]

Winter chill 3

He ran towards it as hard as his legs would carry him. After some time, he became certain of the light. He kept running and the light kept coming closer. He just prayed he would not trip or run out of running space before he got to the light. Now it was becoming bigger and […]

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