Why so much domestic terrorism?

The hatred we see growing all around us is coming from the food we eat.

Childbirth pains and future

Human beings are perhaps the only species where normal childbirth is intensely painful for the women. This acute pain is rated amongst the highest a human being can experience and still live. Religious stories aside, why are we, the most intelligent of all other species sharing our world, singled out for this lamentable reality? Scientists […]

Spiking Cholesterol levels

There’s a lot of new research indicating that everyone except middle-aged men with cardiovascular disease seem to do better with higher cholesterol levels. My recent blood profile last week showed a spike in my total and LDL levels for cholesterol. I couldn’t figure out where I was screwing up – I mean, I am eating […]

Spiking sugar levels

It is disconcerting how little medical science actually knows about the human body or the mind. I am pre-diabetic and need to take half a gram of Metformin twice a day but for all the information available at my fingertips, I cannot seem to control my sugar levels or even predict their value with any […]

Exercise the cancer away

Another story from the archives of my mind. I read this story a while back and both the author and the publisher claimed that this was ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’. If it is true then it is an inspiration for us all to exercise regularly. I don’t remember the source or […]

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