Zen way

What is the Zen way? I don’t exactly know. Too many followers out there with conflicting views. But from my own perspective, its just an equilibrium between me and everything else. There are no grand miracles, no earth shattering experiences, no divine revelations. In fact Zen, by definition, is the very absence of dynamic exhilaration. […]

…Pro-choice, pro-life

Pro-choice is the future. Imagine women a thousand years back, then women a hundred years back and women today. We can easily extrapolate that future will belong to pro-choice. If we choose to think otherwise, we are just blinding ourselves by a misunderstood faith. Either we choose to move with the time or we get […]

Pro-choice, pro-life…

Many of us lead sheltered lives, sitting comfortably sipping coffee in front of our computers. It is so easy to sit here and proclaim we understand the word of God and insist that pro-life is the only choice of God. We have no clue how so many others in the world live and yet we […]

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