God and the watch

For me the question of whether God exists or not does not arise. I know He exists but I can no more prove it mathematically than I can prove what and how I feel. But that doesn’t and should not stop people from trying. Its silly really, if you think about it, such a big universe and so many laws governing it; yet to think that it exists for its own sake.

The watch theory will not convince diehard atheists. But then nothing else will either. They have managed to self-delude themselves to the point where they are not willing to concede even to the possibility of a higher power. Ironically, these very people are more than happy to quote theoretical scientific literature left, right and center to further their beliefs. They forget so easily that the basis of scientific enquiry is, at least, conceding to the possibility of other outcomes than the one they are proposing. Science is self-correcting and that is its absolute advantage over other systems of beliefs.

<This brings us to the watch theory. It’s pseudo-scientific logic directed at the modernists who consider themselves too advanced to believe in ‘archaic’ concepts of a higher power. It states, and I am paraphrasing here, that if you were walking along a deserted road and came across an ordinary rock lying on the side of the road, would you pick it up to examine it? Logic dictates that you would not because there are countless other like it all around. Now, in the same spirit, if you were to find a glistening brand new watch, would you stop to investigate? If we use the same logic then yes you would. Why? Because a watch is made up of hundreds of finely crafted parts each fitting into a whole system of mechanics that works to tell the time. Metals are polished, lettering is engraved, the casing is casted, the glass is ground and buffed. If you were asked if such a thing could exist naturally, you would logically say, no. You would have no problem believing that a creator has to be involved to make that watch, it cannot exist in nature by itself. You would also agree that surely the watch could not have evolved from simpler mechanisms on its own over time. Say from a sun-dial. The gears did not grow to fit the shape and nor did the spring slowly appear over time to retain the energy required to move the mechanism accurately.

We are sure that the watch did not evolve. Looking at it we can see that it has been made. A watchmaker exists who has created it. We will agree that the watch is indeed made from materials found within the earth. But still we could not honestly bring ourselves to believe that the watch has created itself or it evolved into its present shape by trial and error.

Now look up from the watch at another human being. Yes, we are made from the same earth. And we are mind-bogglingly more complex than a watch. We are not only capable of making the watch, we are also capable of understanding its function or need for existence. We can improve it. Can the rocks become human beings over time any more than the watch on their own? We are a miracle of creation but we look at ourselves so often that we have ceased to wonder at the wonder that we are.

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