Here and back again

It’s been a while since I have written. A lot of water under the bridge and involved a lot of growing up and growing old. Some laughter and some tears, some successes and some failures. And before I knew it, more than a year had gone by and I have nothing to show for it but footprints in the sand. Isn’t that weird? Most people can look back and count at least the major milestones over a period of time but I have none. I guess it’s a blessing since I am more like a hobbit, I prefer no changes to changes. I like repeatability and predictability. I prefer the familiar daily grind over unknown thrills, I guess its called stability. Of course the year has not been without events, there have been plenty and I suppose I will eventually get around to addressing them as time and mood permits.

The kids have grown up a year and both now go to school. The wife is working full time as an Assistant Professor. My back has started giving me trouble and the doctors say its chronic; meaning I would have to live with it. Early signs of aging. Wow! I always thought that aging is something that happens only to other people. I guess I was wrong. My body seems determined to follow the usual downhill path that everyone takes in life and despite my delusions, I guess I won’t be the poster boy for Ponce de Leon’s fountain. Now I guess I will have to pin my hopes on cloning and stem cells.

I guess I turn in early today. I seem to have lost touch with typing over the past year. Matter of fact, took me a while to figure out where I kept the username and password for this blog. Seems like old age slithering its creepy crawly tentacles my way faster than I thought. O well, happy trails.

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