The last two days have drifted across my eyes in a back breaking haze. Since its still Diwali week, we have been cleaning our house as per tradition. We both work now so it was impossible to get the whole house done so in a cowardly fashion, still within the spirit of the tradition, my wife and I decided to clean just one room. This computer room in fact. And it was hell. A lot of junk had accumulated over the years and most of it was thrown out. Memorabilia, showpieces, empty printer cartridges and backup CDs which no longer serve any useful function – all trashed to make room for more new junk already starting to trickle on the empty shelves.
Bhopal is notorious for dust and we are right in its dead center. With six fans running to keep the computers cool and get some fresh air in the house (at least in the evenings and at night) dust pours in uninvited. And its major work to get all the curtains down and get them cleaned, then both the computer tables have to be moved away from the walls so that we get access to the backs where the maximum wires and dust are. So it took both days from morning till night to get the place looking habitable again.
This means that I’ll be wearing my lumbar sacral belt for the next few days. Not fun but I don’t really want to think about my back if I don’t. But hey, at least I get to do it in a clean and shiny room. The cleaning was long overdue anyway. We didn’t do it last year and the occasional dusting that does take place is plain cosmetic. Now the room has a strong smell of furniture polish and to my brain that means the place has been cleaned.
I did manage to get some neat new things for Diwali this year and in the coming posts hopefully I’ll find some time to test them out and see how well they work. So till then, ciao.

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