MSWord 2003 for writers

My absolute favorite writing program is Microsoft Word (MSWord) 2003. I have never found a better alternative and believe me, I’ve looked. It has everything a serious writer, especially a fiction writer, could possibly need. Nothing more and definitely, nothing less.
bright divali diyas painted by the kids this yearYes, it came out thirteen years ago and many versions have come since but they all went steadily downhill. They bloated up, became useless – much like its operating systems – targeting confused office workers who believed the publicity and expected MSWord to do everything including make coffee and find favorable company for the evening.
If MSWord 2003 is so perfect, why have I been looking for alternatives? Mainly because of the promotional hype about how improved the newer applications are supposed to be or built better ‘from scratch’ or the oft repeated clichés about ‘made for writers, by writers’. Just be aware that companies need to flood new ‘improved’ versions every year otherwise they won’t make more money. Most of the time they feed keeping-up-with-the-Joneses competition where you must buy stuff because your hated neighbor has it.
normal writing window of msword 2003Why is it so good? For starters, there are no unnecessary bells and whistles. It does everything a word processor is supposed to do – period. It won’t make coffee and it doesn’t breeze through traffic so you can get home in time for the party. If writing is what you use it for, writing is what it will do. You can format and layout to your heart’s content if you have OCDs like me and need to have the screen set at perfection before the words will flow. Check out the attached screen-capture if you want to see how I have to have it (other than the full-screen mode) before I can type out a single word.
Because it doesn’t try to bring about world peace, MSWord 2003 is lightening fast and flawless across the entire range of Windows operating systems. Both its dictionary and thesaurus features are more than capable of accurate searches across the internet though I use it’s online features rarely. Most of the time the internal listings get the job done efficiently enough to not break the flow of creativity.
Honestly, I have never felt any need to upgrade. I don’t understand people who’ll recite the entire user’s manual when asked why they upgraded. Software is a tool, much like a hammer. And like any other tool, it won’t do the work for you no matter how improved, it will simply aid you within its gamut. And like a hammer, an upgrade will still only nail stuff, don’t expect it to build your house or give you any more talent than what you have. You do that on your own.
Many professional writers still write longhand and that’s okay too. But if you want the convenience of computers, try MSWord 2003 version. You can easily find a second hand copy on eBay for pittance and use the money you save to buy a lumbar belt for your aching back from sitting up before the computer all day.
I use MSWord for many of my drafts and all my rewrites or finishing. The times I deviate are when I need a change of perspective to adjust the focus of my writing. And most of the time, once I recover my intended bearing, I’m back surrounded by its familiar comforts.

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