Powerless society

The power to destroy seems to be the exclusive definition of an entity’s strength while the power to create isn’t even considered a big deal anymore. Though I can’t find a sensible reasoning to support this fallacy anywhere in the world. Historically this power was earned through valor and perseverance and many kings were made this way. The difficult path to acquire such power made it impossible to achieve except for the truly deserving. And that kept the balance of power with those who understood the price they had paid for it along with the responsibility defined within its charter.

Not so anymore. Now such power can be bought, stolen or created by the worst possible human beings without any effort and without any responsibility thereby. A civilized society protects and promotes its weak but this very act of generosity ultimately creates the means for its own downfall. The price required for proving strength and valor is still beyond all but the very dedicated individuals but the price for knowledge or information is comparatively very small. But the damage resulting from the misuse of this knowledge can be far more severe.

Limiting access to information or knowledge is not the solution. At first glance this may seem to be an ideal solution but it only seems this way. With the spread of avenues for information, those who seek such knowledge will find it somewhere else. Censorship will prove to be a bigger problem than any solution it may offer. A far better and more effective way would be to create awareness and responsibility in all those concerned. This is much more difficult than censorship but it is the only methodology which can possibly succeed. If the sanctity and value of human beings is promoted through concerted efforts, then I am sure senseless violence and destruction can be managed more effectively.

I am not talking just about education, that would be akin to repairing the dam after it breaks, I am talking about strengthening the foundations of goodwill and kindness inherent to all human beings. If left alone, people will generally get along and will go out of their way to coexist symbiotically. It is only after divisive politics poisons their minds with false dreams of personal gains do the undeserving try to seize command. It is easy to brandish around words like brainwashing but they’re just loose substitutes for education against the welfare of society. If it is possible to brainwash against a society then it is equally possible to brainwash in favor of a society.

It is just as easy to brainwash people with honorable traits like honesty, integrity and dedication. In earlier times inculcation of virtues was carried out fairly early in life under the care of the mother. Old scriptures are full of instances where these virtues were indoctrinated at home even by an unlettered mother. The pupils then moved on to more formal education and learn a trade while retaining these virtues at the center of their personalities. Those were the times when society valued these virtues and those who possessed them were held in high regard. Now only the rich and powerful are held in high regard often through fear or hopes of favors. I think if society again restores the values of these virtues then many of the evils facing us today would diminish on their own. These are not hollow values but proven ballasts to strengthen the foundations of safe and prosperous future of mankind.

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