Racial memories

The reason majority of our monsters are reptilian with horned tails and heads could well be because that is what we remember as our greatest threat up on our evolutionary tree when we were rats or close thereby. At that time our most common enemies were reptiles nearly the same size as us or bigger. We lived under this threat for millions of years till the ELE sized asteroid wiped out the dominant species on earth. A million years of mortal fear tends to permeate itself inside the very DNA of a species till its hardwired beyond reproach. Needless to say, the few naturally occurring fearless mutations amongst us throughout the years never lived long enough to reproduce and pass on their genes. And we still get our nightmares from those days.
trying to repair my crashed diskPerhaps the idea of a reptilian devil and his burning lava domain is not from the biblical stories but from racial memories of our most deadly predators. Our acute senses of survival and self-preservation have mutated our worst fears into the tales of eternal horror and torment passed on through the generation into our tales. Eventually the need for remembrance forced them into our myths and slowly into religion as a nearly eternal means to keep us on guard.
The concepts of reptilian evil is not limited to western cultures. Here in the East, majority of demons and monsters are reptilian enough to draw valid parallels with the West. And they all eat humans or torture them for fun at the very least.
Worth a thought at least.
early morning fog at our walker's parkOn other – and totally unrelated – topic, I have finally migrated to Linux. I’ve been playing around with it for a while through Oracle’s VirtualBox. It has been an amazing experience and so finally I gave in and formatted this desktop to Linux Mint 17.1. I have always been under the impression that Linux was for die-hard hobbyists and network admins and was not really stable and functional enough for handling working-class tasks. I was happy to find out that my impressions were misinformed. Linux Mint is rock steady and totally functional. Nearly every kind of application or software on the Windows platform is available on the Mint platform as well – perhaps not as polished or commercial but every bit as functional and suited for the task.
What appeals to me is its stylish interface and minimalistic approach to solving daily and regular tasks. Very classy. No unnecessary frills or less than useless features incorporated for marketing the next version to further pad their already bloating wallets. I’m all for commercialization, it’s the bread and butter of my livelihood but more and more companies are bringing out new versions of products which offer absolutely no functional advantage over its previous version. Most of the time it’s just a cosmetic change to make it LOOK like they have significantly altered the software – for the better – their release notes would have us believe. Most of the time, the new features they manage to actually implemented benefit less than a fraction of their users but everyone has to pay for the new version.
Anyway, despite warnings from my closest friend, I am going to stick to Mint. I’ve done my best to crash it to make sure its stable – including several plug-pullings during boot and shutdown – and I have failed. It recovers each and every time. Give it a try – it’s awesome.

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