The Trojan Agenda, a novel

A disgraced soldier. A brilliant engineer. A secret plan to start a nuclear war.

How easy would it be to manipulate the media to start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? What would happen if all modern communication, from cell phones and television to modems connecting to the internet, stopped working across south Asia? And what happens if you knew who did it and why, but no one wanted to listen and all sides wanted you dead?

The Trojan AgendaWhen Avinash Shastri, a self-destructive and violent alcoholic, is hired to investigate the seemingly accidental death of Anjali Verma’s friend, they stumble on a conspiracy that triggers a total communication breakdown in south Asia and brings India and Pakistan to the brink of a nuclear war. Their only hope is to expose those responsible – to both governments – before the launch buttons are pressed. But with the media turned against them, they are hunted across India by everyone they could turn to for help. Avinash must battle his own demons and regain enough of his sanity to survive, while Anjali must trust a man she’s been warned against to save her life and stop a war that would end their world.

This is the blurb from my first novel, the Trojan Agenda, published recently on Kindle/Amazon. You can check out links for Amazon US, and Amazon India. It’s also part of Kindle Select so those of you enrolled in Kindle Unlimited program can borrow it free for a few days from the Amazon website. The links for borrowing this book are given on each of the pages above.

This book has been a while in the making and I hope people will receive it favorably, and write a positive review on its page. Wish me luck.

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