To be tried as an adult

The judiciary of our country seems unconcerned at the helm. Indifference to the core values of humanity has rendered them incapable of empathy towards the billion plus they are entrusted to help create a better India for. Our nation is undergoing a crisis of democracy in a time when we need our way of life protected more than ever. And I for one don’t see a justifiable reason for their confusion.
beautiful moth found as a caterpillar in our plantsWe are a living people, ever changing, ever growing and ever evolving. That which made sense yesterday may not do so today and those feasting in the halls of authority must recognize that and amend our laws suitably. I can’t even begin to express the utter uselessness of a system that pretends itself to be etched in stone or has delusions of eternal applicability. Times change, people change and our laws must change to always reflect this.
I don’t often make political statements but enough is enough. When will our system even pretend to speak for the masses or attempt what natural sense dictates is in our people’s best interests? And why is there so much delay and hurdles to implement modifications of laws a nation deems necessary? And why can’t the judiciary and the government actually do what the people need instead of playing divisive games for positions and votes?
cacoon from the moth came aboveLaws to protect the underage should not be a means to provide a blanket cover irrespective of the nature of their crime. There cannot be a one-law-fits-all system when it comes to safeguarding minors and protecting the safety and dignity of women. Rape must not be allowed to have protection under the guise of a perpetrator’s lack of age. The laws protecting juveniles are founded on their general lack of experience to determine right and wrong.
How does that fit here? Could he not tell from his screaming victim that he is doing something wrong? Or what about the pleas for mercy or cries for help? Does it take a person of certain age to interpret this meaning… or the willful application of overpowering physical force it takes before she finally succumbs to the rapist’s intentions. Lack of self-control is a poor excuse under this protection for a juvenile exhibiting aberrant barbarity to exercise his carnal calling.
For those lowest denominators of the human race still defending a rapist under the cloak of his age, why not let their innocent minor hold burning coals and see if his reaction is limited by his lack of experience and would continue to touch the embers despite his own screams. Why should this lack of age be a bar against his responsibility of empathy when his victim is screaming in comparable pain under the violator’s onslaught?
I agree completely that there should be distinction in the law to protect the underage. But it should be commensurate with the crime and not provide blanket protection where the nature of the crime is understood by the perpetrator. And he continues to abuse his greater physical strength despite clear protests from the victim. When he continues despite her cries, he is not displaying his inexperience but exercising his calculated carnal nature. Developed societies recognize this and across the world where democracy is practiced, rape is exempt from limitations of age or mental capacity. Who are our lawmakers to assume that they are above the universal ideas of a republic practiced around the world?
There is no excuse. All rapists must be tried as adults.

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