Why so much domestic terrorism?

It’s not about race or religion or nationality and certainly not any kind of indoctrination – it’s only about food. The hatred comes from what we eat. Just give me a moment to explain.

We have all seen the results of anabolic steroids on athletes and body builders. Yes, they give unnatural strength and endurance. They give the bulk these people need as well as help to reduce their body’s fat content. But these same steroids make these people aggressive, violent and moody. This is a proven fact. When such chemicals are used to alter body chemistry and normal hormone balances, the results are always more complex than drug manufacturers admit openly. Hence most of these are banned and rightfully so.

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Now imagine the years and years of these same anabolic steroids being given to our cattle, poultry and even vegetables to increase their size, weight and shelf life. This is the easiest and cheapest way for farmers to get more bang for their bucks. Cattle are routinely injected or fed with these steroids mixed in feed to produce more milk. Other cattle earmarked for food are given these steroids to increase their size and thereby more meat to sell. Chickens are given feed already infused with these steroids to increase their egg production as well as increase their size for more meat. These hormones can produce a chicken ready for harvesting in half the time nature takes.

And we humans have been consuming these for years. For longer  than a generation now. And what do you think happens when all these steroids make their way into our bodies? Yes, the manufacturers claim that these are insignificant quantities but we’ve been eating these now for more than a generation. Slow and steady will also get you there just as sure as quick and dirty.

Even the vegetarians are subjected to these hormones being used to increase the size and quantities of produce. Whether through fertilizers or through spraying, these chemicals are making their way into our systems, altering our genetic makeup and making us more violent, less tolerant, more aggressive. Violent crimes like rapes and uncontrolled road-rage are more prevalent as a result.

The ludicrously blamed media and violent games are an eyewash for the monetary greed and blind disregard for humanity’s well being through these ingested poisons.

This is also connected to the global epidemic of obesity and hypertension. The hormones being fed to us through meat and produce increase our size and inhibit our body’s natural ability to feel satiated once enough food is consumed. That is the reason the poultry and cattle keep getting bigger. They can’t tell when their stomachs are full so they keep eating. Human beings do the same.

Lack of exercise and stagnant lifestyles are not to blame exclusively. Throughout evolution, humans have spent many a millennia living inactive lives during times of plenty without suffering so. I am sure there are many who know all this but are either keeping quiet or are being suppressed.

How often do we hear nonsense like corn syrup and processed foods being exclusively responsible for obesity while brain washing and radical indoctrination being the source for terrorism and gun violence? The fact is that both evils share the same root causes. It is convenient to blame the general public at large because then the responsibility rests with no one and everyone equally. No one can be singled out.

I think these violent outbursts and rage release is just the beginning. Its going to get a lot worse unless we take concrete steps to prevent all these gene altering chemicals being forced into our systems and our minds being hijacked in warlike frenzies where our imagined fight responses decide our paths in life and not our humane and rational thoughts.

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